What an incredible advancement in technology. After so many generations, we’re seeing more and more amazing features that make our lives much easier. We take them everywhere with us, and use them to tell us how to get somewhere, as a great-quality camera, and of course a communication device. Because they’re out in the open so often, there is an increased potential to drop them, though. So what should you do if you’ve dropped your iPhone 5, 5c, or 5s and broken the screen?

While there are a few options in Sydney to take your phone for screen replacement or repair work done, you need to be confident that who you take it to is reputable and uses genuine parts to bring it back to its former glory. At iMasters, we use exactly the same parts as were used when originally putting it together, and as a result it cannot be seen as repaired – it really does look as good as new.

Replacement and repair that’s backed by experience

Our vast amount of experience in this industry has given us the extensive knowledge necessary to not only fix the screen of your iPhone, but also perform a myriad of other repair works for several devices. Whether your phone has been damaged by water, or has stopped turning on, be sure to make an appointment with us and we’ll go above and beyond to get it up and running again as new.

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    Original Part vs Non Original Part Comparison

    Original Part

    We use the same parts that where used in your device direct from the manufacturer.

    No one can tell it has been repaired when replacing a damaged screen with an original part.

    Original Refurbished Part (Cheapest Option)

    This is where the broken glass is replaced on an original LCD display.

    Aftermarket Part

    We do not use Aftermarket screens in our repairs, but we do need to explain the difference.

    Many stores claim that aftermarket parts are genuine parts at a cheaper price. You may think you are paying a good price, but you are paying premium price for a fake part.

    Aftermarket parts cost half the price of original parts! While they may look similar, there is a huge difference in longevity and usability of these parts.

    Aftermarket Parts show the following symptoms after a few days:

    • The glass starts separates from the frame
    • The screen touch behaves erratically
    • The glass scratches very easily

    Please don’t settle for fake parts, get it done properly at Sydney's first iPhone repair company.

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